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The tuition hikes of 5% at day care centers and 7% at after-school facilities (tsaharonim ) supervised by the Industry, Trade and Labor Ministry originally scheduled for September 1 will be postponed.

The decision was made by a joint Trade Ministry and Finance Ministry committee, as Israelis protest the cost of living.

Price changes will be deferred until after the socioeconomic advisory committee chaired by Manuel Trajtenberg makes its recommendations. As a practical matter means the subject will probably be revisited in October.

The day care and after-school centers, run by women's organizations such as Na'amat, WIZO and Emunah, charge tuition (for children who do not receive a subsidy ) of NIS 1,500 to NIS 2,000 per month.

The protests have included demands for government oversight of prices for basic baby products, as well as extending paid maternity leave to six months and state-funded child care for children from three months of age.