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The cabinet is set to shoot down a private-members bill that would require food retailers to clearly mark products whose prices are controlled by the state, along with the prices of the specific items.

The Ministerial Committee for Legislation decided Sunday not to support the draft law, which was proposed by a group of 17 lawmakers - more than 10% of the house! - led by MK Robert Tiviaev (Kadima ). The bill would leave it up to the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor to determine the size and other details of the envisioned price list, but does specify that it be posted in a highly visible location and consist of clear, legible letters.

"In light of the fact that more and more businesses, including small establishments, charge much more than is permitted for price-supervised products, this bill is needed so that consumers will know the correct price of these items," the bill's sponsors explained.

The Industry, Trade and Labor Ministry said in response that the ministerial committee opposed the bill because the issue was being dealt with in another piece of legislation being cobbled together by the ministry's own Consumer Council.