Kimat Hinam
A Mahsanei Kimat Hinam branch in Tel Aviv. Photo by Roni Schitzer
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Coming soon to an ultra-Orthodox neighborhood near you, maybe: a glatt-kosher Mahsanei Kimat Hinam branch. Brothers Rani and Adi Zim, owners of the discount supermarket chain Kimat Hinam, plan to launch a whole new chain targeting the Haredi market.

Kimat Hinam is earmarking NIS 60 million to build the chain. It plans to open 10 stores within two to three years.

"As a nationwide chain we can't not relate to the growing Haredi market," if only for financial reasons, Rani Zim said. He anticipates turnover of NIS 300 million-NIS 500 million from the new chain within three years.

The first store is scheduled to open next Passover at the Power Center mall the brothers are opening in Netivot. Kimat Hinam has already leased space for a store on Kahaneman Street in Bnei Brak at year-end 2011.

The stores will be big ones, with at least 3,000 square meters in floor space. But they will offer a much smaller selection: 2,000 to 3,000 items per store, compared with 15,000 at Kimat Hinam outlets of similar size that aren't glatt kosher. One reason is that while general supermarkets have given items in a variety of sizes, the outlet catering to Haredim will only offer family-sized packages, Rani explains.

Also, Haredim aren't interested in brands, says Rani. Each product chosen for the mehadrin stores will get more shelf space. The smaller selection and bigger packages means fewer employees. The savings which will help the chain to compete - vigorously, says Rani - on price.