An El Al airplane in flight.
An El Al airplane in flight. Photo by Archive
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Israel and Canada plan to negotiate a new flight agreement that may open up travel lines between the two countries for competition, Haaretz learned on Saturday.

Talks between the two countries, which are scheduled to take place in Jerusalem, will re-negotiate current agreement which permits one airline from each country to operate flights between Israel and Canada.

Currently, Israeli El Al and Air Canada are the only firms operating flights on the Israel-Canda line. However, critics have claimed that by reframing from operating the maximum amount of flights, the two firms were responsible for steep ticket prices and a lack of competition.

The negotiations would then be geared toward adding both Israeli and Canadian airlines to the current agreement in order to further use up the available flight quota, which could bring ticket prices down.

According to data provided by the Israel Airport Authority, Air Canada carried 62,900 travelers to and from Israel since the beginning of 2010, a 26 percent increase compared to the span between January and September of 2009.

Overall, 150,800 passengers traveled between the two counties between January and September of 2010, a 23 percent increase compared to last year.