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The Israel Defense Forces will fund the cost of moving bases to the Negev from the proceeds of selling the land vacated under a proposal up for cabinet vote today.

The plan to move the IDF's intelligence and teleprocessing branches by 2018 is expected to cost NIS 19 billion, of which NIS 6 billion is expected to be covered by selling the land on which these bases are currently located.

Another NIS 4 billion will come from the Defense Ministry budget and NIS 9 billion will come from the Finance Ministry.

The state expects to spend NIS 12 billion to build the new intelligence base, and NIS 7 billion on the new teleprocessing base.

The Israel Lands Administration is expected to offer NIS 3 billion to NIS 6 billion in credit to help the project along.

Under the plan, proposed by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the land on which the bases now sit will be used to build housing to help address the lack of homes in the center of the country.

The defense establishment is scheduled to return the land used by the Kastina camp, near Kiryat Malachi, to the ILA by July.

Kastina is not currently occupied.

By the end of 2014, the IDF is scheduled to return the land at the Tel Haim camp, the Tel Bond camp in north Tel Aviv, the maintenance camp at Beit Dagan, the fuel camp in Ashdod, one out of three camps in Ramat Gan and the Keren complex at the Kirya defense headquarters.

All intelligence and teleprocessing units would be cleared out by the end of 2019.

In addition, the army would evacuate all camps at Sirkin, Glilot, Tel Hashomer and Tzrifin, the fuel camp in Nesher and Sde Dov Airport.

Netanyahu's decision is intended to end a six-year delay in the plan to move the army bases southward.

The delay was caused by a dispute over budgets between the finance and defense ministries.

Finance Minister Yuval Steinitz and Defense Minister Ehud Barak are expected to oppose the plan during the cabinet discussion today.