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The Passover holiday did well by Israel's shops. From food to fashion to pharma, most reported a double-digit leap in sales compared with Pesach 2010.

The blitz began later than in previous years, but while the shoppers came late, they came in droves.

Blue Square reported a 20% jump against last year. "Turnover on Saturday night was 10 times bigger than on a regular Saturday night," said Blue Square CEO Zeev Vurembrand.

But the private-label chains such as the eponymous Rami Levi Hashikma reported an even greater year-over-year leap. "Our sales increased 30% compared with Passover last year," Rami Levi told TheMarker. He thinks shoppers are shifting to "hard-discount" stores like his.

There is another reason: Rami Levi also got into the vouchers game, selling vouchers to buy at his stores to worker groups. That had traditionally been the fief of the bigger, more established chains.