Gasoline station
Keeping an eye on prices at the pump. Photo by Tomer Appelbaum
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The price of gasoline will be going down at midnight between Saturday and Sunday by 6 agorot a liter. This is the third month in a row that maximum gasoline prices, which are set by the government based on the prevailing price in Europe, have declined.

A liter of self-serve regular 95 octane fuel will drop by 0.8% to NIS 7.52. The supplement for those preferring to have an attendant pump their gas remains 18 agorot a liter.

The drop in price is a result of a 1.4% decline in gasoline prices in Europe, offset in part by a drop in the value of the shekel against the U.S. dollar. Tax constitutes 54% of the price at the pump here.

Since the beginning of the year, gasoline prices have risen by about 4%, but they hit a high in September and have dropped about 9% since. The major pressure point beyond which the price was thought to become a major public issue was NIS 8 per liter.