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Israel's economy is improving, but it is also becoming more unequal and corruption is on the rise, according to the Herzliya Conference's national resilience indexes for 2010, set to be released today.

Israel continues to close gaps as compared to other developed nations, and got through the global financial crisis well, according to one index. The country is back on a growth path overall, and GDP per capita is increasing.

But not everyone felt the improvements. Income inequality and poverty are growing, after brief improvements were made before the global crisis hit.

And according to World Bank data, the rating of Israel's political regime dropped, particularly regarding corruption, efficiency, stability and the citizen's ability to influence the government.

These findings are scheduled to be presented by Prof. Rafi Melnick at the 2011 Herzliya Conference, which begins today.

The resilience indexes compare Israel to developed nations economically, socially and politically.