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If you owe the state more than NIS 5,000, you could lose your driver's license, have trouble getting a passport or maybe even have difficulty using a credit card, if a new proposal by the state is passed into law.

At the urging of the Justice Ministry's Enforcement and Collection Authority, outstanding debts to the state of more than NIS 5,000 that are not paid within a year "without reasonable justification" could trigger limitations that would greatly inconvenience Israeli scofflaws. Among those the proposed bill would target are convicted criminals who owe compensation payments to their victims.

The government authority collects about NIS 340 million a year, according to its director, David Madioni, who says the bill would help his center pry funds away from 30,000 citizens considered to be hard-core debtors.

The Knesset's Constitution, Law and Justice Committee held a hearing on the proposal Wednesday and will consider it further next week.