At Cafe Cafe, normality is promised to return after Passover.
At Cafe Cafe, normality is promised to return after Passover. Photo by Daniel Tchetchik
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If you want to go out for a bite at certain cafe chains during the Passover holiday, expect to pay more than you did last week for the same items. At Café Café, for example, sandwiches are some 6.5% to 8% more expensive this week, and a small coffee is 15% more expensive.

Coffee-shop chain owners explain simply that kosher for Passover items cost them more to make or buy.

For its part, Café Café, which has 115 branches around the country, said there is a 5% to 10% price hike in the kosher for Passover products they buy from suppliers. And, the chain said, it had to buy new utensils to accompany food during the holiday.

Café Café said its prices will return to normal after the holiday.

"It's true that kosher for Passover bread and baked goods are more expensive, but you can pay for these expenses yourself for a few days and not rush to pass them on to customers," said a senior executive at one of the chains that did not raise its prices for the holiday. Wholesale coffee prices have not gone up for the holiday, he said, and this is not the time for higher prices, since the public is very sensitive to the cost of goods right now.

Even McDonald's has raised it prices - and by quite a bit. At many branches, the price of a children's meal has jumped 43%. But McDonald's said in response that this is not at all the same children's meal it usually sells and is special for Passover. It includes a larger hamburger with a special roll, said the fast-food chain.

Cup O' Joe raised its prices by an average of 7%, which the coffee-shop chain said only reflects the higher prices charged by suppliers for the items it sells. "It is the suppliers that are raising prices, not us," said Adi Vagman, the chain's vice president of marketing. Manufacturers also have higher costs for Passover, he said, but the higher prices are only for the limited period of the holiday.

The Aroma café chain raised its prices slightly for baked goods, which are of course different for Passover. It also is not selling certain items, such as sandwiches made with bread that is not available during the holiday.