The luxury G Tower in Tel Aviv.
The luxury G Tower in Tel Aviv. Barak’s new home? Photo by Daniel Bar On
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Defense Minister Ehud Barak is reportedly looking to rent an apartment in Tel Aviv's luxury G Tower. His budget is said to be NIS 35,000 a month.

A few weeks ago, Barak and his wife, Nili Priell, sold their apartment in the Akirov Towers - another Tel Aviv luxury building - for NIS 26.5 million to businessman Teddy Sagi.

They are planning to move into an apartment in the Assuta complex, which hasn't been built yet.

Barak and Priell looked at two apartments in the G Tower last week, with the aim of finding a home to rent for at least five years. The 200-meter to 250-meter apartments are worth about NIS 15 million each, have external walls made of glass and offer a view of the sea and the Kirya Defense Ministry complex.

After selling his Akirov apartment, Barak wrote on his Facebook page, "My wife Nili and I decided we should sell the apartment, since we recognized that it distanced us from large portions of the population."

"Since I returned to public life," he added, "it was hard not to notice the public criticism of where I lived, and I didn't think it right to ignore this for too long."

Yet it's not clear that moving into the G Tower is likely to bring Barak closer to the people. The 31-floor tower - which contains 37 apartments - sits between Tel Aviv's Ibn Gvirol, Shaul Hamelech and Hashoftim streets, and contains an expansive lobby, a swimming pool, a spa, a gym and four elevators. The first residents moved in recently, after construction was completed.

Barak's office declined to respond.