An El Al airplane in flight.
An El Al airplane in flight. Photo by Archive
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The airlines operating in Israel are complaining they are being discriminated against - in favor of El Al - when it comes to the allocation of uncontaminated jet fuel by aviation authorities.

Airline executives said yesterday that El Al has its own fuel storage tanks, with a 100-ton capacity, and can supply its planes directly. It also is receiving greater supplies of uncontaminated fuel, they say.

The airlines are complaining that the quantity of the fuel they receive, 15 tons per flight, requires them to refuel at a nearby destination - but El Al receives enough per plane to directly reach their final destinations.

El Al refused to comment officially, but company sources said Ben-Gurion International Airport is its home field and it has the largest number of flights at Ben-Gurion. Some foreign airlines' flights arrive with enough fuel for the round trip, said the unnamed El Al officials. (Zohar Blumenkrantz )