Ariel Atias
Ariel Atias Photo by Tomer Appelbaum
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The Ministerial Committee for Legislation decided yesterday to support a bill that would subsidize mortgages for young couples buying apartments in the country's outskirts, despite the objections of the Finance Ministry.

The bill, drafted by Housing Minister Ariel Atias, is scheduled to be brought up for a preliminary reading in the Knesset tomorrow.

The committee supported the bill on the condition that the Finance Ministry and the Housing Ministry collaborate on it. Finance Minister Yuval Steinitz has said the bill will raise housing prices and is equivalent to printing money.

The bill would give monthly grants to young couples buying homes in national priority areas, which include the north, the south and the West Bank. Couples buying in top priority areas would receive NIS 800 a month for 15 years, for a total of NIS 140,000. Couples buying in secondary priority areas would receive NIS 475 a month for 15 years, a total of NIS 90,000.