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There was no air traffic between Israel and Egypt yesterday after Air Sinai stopped flying to Israel for the foreseeable future.

El Al flies the Cairo route four times a week, but not on Tuesdays, thereby effectively cutting off air travel between the two countries for the day yesterday.

El Al's flights from the Egyptian capital have only departed Cairo after substantial delays in recent days due to the huge number of passengers at the airport trying to leave Egypt, many of them on short notice, as a result of the unrest in the country. Security checks at Cairo International Airport have also taken longer than usual.

At this point, air travel from Israel via the Jordanian capital, Amman, to the Far East has not been affected by regional events.

The Israel director of Royal Jordanian Airlines, Dvora Bruchstein, said: "With the exception of a very small number of cancelations, for example by an Israeli businessman who had needed to fly via Amman to Dohar [in Qatar] and canceled his reservation, we are seeing no drop in the number of people using the airline to travel from Israel via Amman."

Last year, about 116,800 travelers flew the route between Ben-Gurion International Airport and Amman, an increase of almost 32 percent compared to 2009. This included 106,700 who flew Royal Jordanian. Most air travelers from Israel to Jordan continue on to other destinations, primarily in the Far East.