Body of Israeli Killed in India on Its Way Home

The body of Dror Shek, an Israeli tourist murdered by robbers in India on Sunday, was due to arrive in Israel at 4 A.M. today after a rescue crew retrieved it from a remote northern village and carried it for about six hours to the nearest village where a helicopter could land.

It was then flown on an Indian Army plane to New Delhi, but the transfer to Israel was further delayed because, under international aviation agreements, a body must be embalmed before it is sent by plane, and by the time it arrived in New Delhi, no hospitals were open to perform the procedure.

Shek's four comrades were detained by the Indian police for questioning.

The Israeli Foreign Ministry said this is standard procedure under Indian law, and they should be released within 48 hours.

Shek's uncle, Doron Shek, said he had questions about the retrieval effort after having talked with one of Dror's travel companions, because this man, Jack Jacob, said the terrain and weather would have allowed a helicopter to retrieve the body directly from the first village, Kiriganga.

Jacob, an American immigrant to Israel, was the first to discover the body. After trying unsuccessfully to resuscitate Shek, he and his friends carried the body to Kiriganga, about a half-hour walk away.

Dror will be buried in his hometown Givat Avni at 5:30 P.M. today