Amidror Netanyahu - GPO - 07032012
Prime Minister Netanyahu and National Security Adviser Ya'acov Amidror. Photo by GPO
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On Saturday, during a weekend in which the Prime Minister’s Office dealt with the media onslaught by former National Security Adviser Uzi Arad, the Government Press Office released a picture taken during Benjamin Netanyahu’s state visit to Canada.

In the picture the prime minister is seen preparing for the speech he gave at the America-Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) conference. Beside him, sitting, is Netanyahu’s new national security adviser - Ya'akov Amidror. The picture, in which the two are seen busy at work, is intended as a message, also to Arad - all advisors can be replaced.

During the week, it seemed that Netanyahu and his staff were trying to highlight Amidror and his importance in the dealings with the U.S., before the meeting with U.S. President Barack Obama and after it. “Yeki,” as Netanyahu called Amidror on Monday, was Netanyahu’s only staff member to attend the meeting with Obama.

On Tuesday, Netanyahu’s staff went even further, sending Amidror to a round of interviews on Israeli television. Amidror was interviewed on the steps of the Capitol building by the Israeli journalists accompanying Netanyahu on his state visit to the U.S., explaining the crux of disagreement with the Obama administration on the Iranian issue.

At this point, it seems that Amidror is the big winner from the Natan Eshel and Uzi Arad affairs. Amidror didn’t plan this, but the Eshel affair left him one of the only people in Netanyahu’s close circle. On the other hand, the Uzi Arad affair, motivated Netanyahu to pull Amidror closer and highlight his work in order to annoy Arad and signal to the public - Arad was replaced by a professional.