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Arad: Document Linking My Firm to Galant Was Forged

Document unveiled by Channel 2 news alleges that a PR campaign is underway to promote GOC Southern Command Yoav Galant as the next chief of staff.

Political strategist Eyal Arad filed a police complaint yesterday charging that the so-called Galant document, which bears the logo of his public-relations firm, is a forgery.

The document, which Channel 2 news unveiled Friday night, alleges that a PR campaign is underway to promote GOC Southern Command Yoav Galant as the next chief of staff.

Yoav Galant
Tomer Appelbaum

"I believe that the document casts a heavy shadow over a process important to everyone," Arad said. I have two sons in the army and I want them to serve under a chief of staff who is not influenced by political considerations."

Following the complaint, Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein ordered that an investigation be opened. Weinstein acted after meeting with Justice Ministry officials including State Prosecutor Moshe Lador and the head of the police's Investigation and Intelligence Division, Maj. Gen. Yoav Segalovich.

A team from the international and serious crimes department under Chief Superintendent Yaron London has been put in charge of the investigation, which will be closely supervised by Segalovich, who will continually update Lador and Weinstein.

The Shin Bet security service, the Defense Ministry's security chief and the Military Police could be brought in depending on whether the document turns out to be a forgery, officials said.

No restrictions

A police official familiar with the case said investigators were not restricted regarding whom they might question, including military figures.

Galant is expected to be questioned to determine what, if any, connection he has to the document or whom he suspects might be behind it if it's a forgery.

Senior Channel 2 commentator Amnon Abramovich was asked yesterday to give testimony, although a date has not been set.

Channel 2 has not yet decided whether to give investigators the document, and is looking into legal aspects of the matter.

A police official familiar with the case told Haaretz: "It could be part of struggles within the IDF, but also a struggle between PR firms and even a prank."