Anti-pullout Campaigners Now Wooing the Police

Anti-pullout campaigners are directing their efforts these days at police slated to participate in the evacuation of the Gaza Strip and northern West Bank settlements, issuing an appeal in the form of a special booklet entitled "You don't have to take part. You can sidestep it."

The booklet features photographs with captions that appeal to the emotions of the policemen. For example, the caption under a photograph of a crowded synagogue in Neveh Dekalim reads: "Do you see yourself in the Neveh Dekalim synagogue, filled with 800 Jews draped in prayer shawls and beseeching the Creator to abolish the decree, and you are dragging them across the floor, and all the Arabs of Khan Yunis are cheering and rejoicing on the roofs?"

A picture of Tali Hatuel and her four daughters, who were killed in a terror attack, is accompanied by a caption that reads, "Don't let it weigh on your conscience. You don't have to take part. You can sidestep it. Do you see yourself in Katif, using axes to break into the home of David Hatuel, whose pregnant wife and four daughters were murdered by terrorists, handcuffing him, tearing the pictures of his daughters off the wall, and then being able to sleep at night?"

The booklet provides a telephone number and an offer of legal and emotional support for policemen who choose to refuse orders to play a part in the evacuation.