Amos Oz: Hamas Responsible for Outbreak of Gaza Violence

Oz, A.B. Yehoshua quoted in two Italian papers saying Hamas to blame, but ceasefire must be reached.

Authors Amos Oz and A.B. Yehoshua published their views of the fighting in the Gaza Strip in two Italian newspapers Monday.

Oz told Corriere della Sera that "Hamas is responsible" for the outbreak of violence, but "the time has come to seek a cease-fire."

He called for a "complete cease-fire, in which they don't fire at us, in exchange for us easing the blockade of the Gaza Strip."

Yehoshua, who wrote in La Stampa, said he first related that even before the fighting began, he had published an appeal to Gaza residents urging them to end the violence.

Next he explained, "why the Israeli operation was necessary, but also how quickly it needs to end."

Precisely because the Gazans are our neighbors, he said, "we need to be proportionate in this operation. We need to try to reach a cease-fire as quickly as possible."

"We will always be neighbors, so the less blood is shed, the better the future will be," he added.

Yehoshua added that he would be happy for the border crossings to be opened completely, and even for Palestinian workers to come to work in Israel as part of a cease-fire.

"We need to normalize relations," he said.