15-year-old Bedouin Girl Killed After Trying to Shoot Officers

A teenage Bedouin girl was shot and killed by Israel Defense Forces troops yesterday after she tried to shoot officers at a Border Police barrack at Shoket Junction, in the south.

The attacker was identified as 15-year-old Basma Awad al-Nabari of the nearby Houra village. Police believe she acted independently and was not connected to any Palestinian terror groups.

Al-Nabari came to Shoket Junction shortly before 2 P.M. and walked purposefully toward the main gate of the base. When the guard asked her where she was going, she pulled out a gun but the guard pushed aside the barrel. She fired several times but did not hit him.

She then ran away and took cover. The guard called the officer on duty, and they tried to persuade her to turn herself in.

Al-Nabari refused. The officer shot several times into the air, but when Al-Nabari began to take aim at other officers, he shot and killed her.

Sappers then checked her body and her bag for explosives, but found none.

Police Commissioner David Cohen held a makeshift press conference at the scene, and urged the public to remain alert.

"This is the third time in a month that someone has tried to kill policemen," Cohen said. "In this case, police reacted swiftly and efficiently. The public should remain alert and tell police about suspicious occurrences."

Security forces searched the area for accomplices, arms and explosives, causing traffic jams.

Earlier yesterday, IDF soldiers shot and killed two Palestinian gunmen in a confrontation near the Gaza Strip security fence, Palestinian medics said.