• American ambassador to UN says U.S. should maintain economic sanctions on Russia (Reuters)
  • Turkish prosecutors seek 142-year sentence for pro-Kurdish party leader (AP)
  • Nigerian jet mistakenly bombs refugee camp, killing 100, says official (AP)
  • Iran's Rohani: Trump's talk on nuclear deal is 'mainly slogans' (AP)
  • Car bomb blast in Baghdad kills at least seven (Reuters)
  • Iran to operate mobile service network in Syria (Reuters)
  • Martin Luther King Day parade in Miami erupts into mayhem with 8 shot (AP)
  • France backs Syria truce objectives at proposed talks in Kazakhstan (Reuters)
  • Malaysia Airlines says search for MH370 was 'thorough and comprehensive' (AP)
  • Iraqi forces push into ISIS-held pocket in eastern Mosul (Reuters)
  • UN says suspends air drops to Syria's Deir al-Zor due to 'heavy fighting' (Reuters)
  • Trump's criticism makes Europeans close ranks, says French minister (Reuters)
  • German court rejects ban on far-right party accused of promoting anti-Semitism (Reuters)
  • Istanbul governor says New Year's nightclub attacker admits guilt (Reuters)
  • Turkey's prime minister confirms New Year's nightclub attacker captured (Reuters)


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