• Bulgarian police end check at Sofia airport, explosive not found (Reuters)
  • Explosion at Istanbul metro station believed to have been caused by power transformer (Reuters)
  • Istanbul municipality says trains suspended at one metro station after loud noise (Reuters)
  • About 2,500 asylum seekers now jailed in Holot the highest since its establishment (Haaretz)
  • Netanyahu: Israel operates in Syria occasionally (Haaretz)
  • Obama says despite challenges, thinks climate change can be solved (Reuters)
  • EU commits 350 million euros in aid for displaced Syrians (DPA)
  • Governor: Seven Kurdish militants killed in clashes with Turkish forces (Reuters)
  • Diplomats: NATO to invite Montenegro to join alliance (AP)
  • Italy, Kosovo police arrest four jihadist suspects (Reuters)
  • Obama urges Turkey, Russia to set tension aside, focus on ISIS (AP)
  • Palestinian woman who tried to stab officer near Einav in the West Bank dies (Haaretz)
  • Israel aims new HIV campaign at asylum seekers from Eritrea and Sudan (Haaretz)
  • Obama urges lower tensions between Russia, Turkey (AP)
  • Explosion kills three children, wounds 12 in north Afghanistan (AP)
New York City, Dec. 13

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