• Some 1.5 million people entered the EU illegally in 2015, says European Council head (Reuters)
  • Lahav 433 unit chief Roni Ritman identified as top cop suspected of sexual misconduct (Haaretz)
  • French police clash with climate protesters in Paris (Reuters)
  • Russia: 3 ISIS allied militants killed after they refused to surrender (AP)
  • Assad: Rivals upped rebels' warms, financial support since offensive began (Reuters)
  • European Union wants to re-energize talks on Turkey's accession to the organization (Reuters)
  • Assad: Syria and allies will continue fight against terrorism (Reuters)
  • Merkel: Turkey has right to expect EU to help with refugees (Reuters)
  • Palestinians report 5 wounded in clashes with IDF near Tulkarem (Haaretz)
  • Turkey will help the EU handle the flow of migrants in exchange for 3 billion euros (Reuters)
  • Russian oil tanker hits reef in north Pacific; cleanup operations underway (AP)
  • Discovered mass graves increase to 5 in Iraq where Kurdish and ISIS confronted last month (AP)
  • British defense minister would like to have a vote for military action in Syria this week (Reuters)
  • Monitoring group: At least 18 killed in Syrian airstrikes believed to come from Russia (Reuters)
  • Turkey to hand over body of killed pilot to Russia (Reuters)
New York City, Dec. 13
Palo Alto, Nov. 22

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