• Report: Russian S-400 air-defense missile system operational in Syria (Haaretz)
  • Belgian PM: Threat remains serious, but not as imminent as previously feared (Reuters)
  • Report: Two detained in Mali on suspicion of involvement in attack on hotel in capital (Haaretz)
  • Russia threatens economic retaliation against Turkey over downed jet (Reuters)
  • British FM Hammond says feels like we are building consensus for military action in Syria (Reuters)
  • France's Hollande tells Putin time for grand coalition against ISIS (Reuters)
  • German police commando units arrest two in Berlin suspected of planning attack (Reuters)
  • North and South Korea agree to hold high-level talks next month (AP)
  • Palestinian Health Ministry: 20-year-old man killed in clashes north of Hebron (Haaretz)
  • Russian defense ministry says suspends cooperation with Turkish military (Reuters)
  • Two suspected Islamists arrested in Berlin; police warn of threat (DPA)
  • Stranded migrants in Greece try to storm into Macedonia, tear down fence (Reuters)
  • Belgium lowers security threat level in Brussels (Reuters)
  • Italy says no agreement made at G20 to extend Russia sanctions (Reuters)
  • Pope says 'catastrophic' if interests derail next week's Paris climate talks (AP)
New York City, Dec. 13
Palo Alto, Nov. 22

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