• Jerusalem mayor: Herzog's plan to divide Jerusalem is a dangerous and slippery slope (Haaretz)
  • Hong Kong police fire warning shots in bloody street clashes in worst violence since 2014 pro-democracy protests (Reuters)
  • Iraqi forces recapture territory from ISIS that links Ramadi to a major army base, military says (Reuters)
  • Train crash in Germany kills at least 4, injures at least 40 (AP)
  • U.S. Army says Iraq's Mosul dam at higher risk of collapse than previously thought (AP)
  • IDF chief: Nearly 100 engineering teams operating against Hamas tunnels near Gaza border (Haaretz)
  • Four dead, 150 injured in German train crash (Reuters)
  • Defense executive Ofir Shaham resigns from post after six years (Haaretz)
  • 13-year-old dies for unknown reasons in Kiryat Tiv'on near Haifa (Haaretz)
  • Military police vehicle attacked by rioters overnight in ultra-Orthodox area of Ashdod (Haaretz)
  • Police arrest 16-year-old female Palestinian who tried to stab them in Jerusalem (Haaretz)
  • New report says over 1 million trapped in besieged areas in Syria (AP)
  • South Korea says working with U.S., Japan on 'strong' North Korea sanctions (Reuters)
  • Judge again denies Texas' efforts to block Syrian refugees (AP)
  • Earthquake measuring 5.7 magnitude felt in New Zealand capital (Reuters)

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