• Russia agrees to 48-hour truce in Aleppo; UN waits for response from other parties (Reuters)
  • Germany mulls alternatives to Turkey's Incirlik base for its planes (Reuters)
  • Swiss cantons propose local hiring preferences to curb EU immigration (Reuters)
  • Turkish opposition leader's convoy caught in clash in northeast; Kilicdaroglu unharmed (Reuters)
  • Chinese military says it has been providing medical training to Syria (Reuters)
  • South Africa's Desmond Tutu admits himself to hospital due to infection (AP)
  • Turkish forces secure area around town of Jarablus, Syria (AP)
  • UN: Saudi-led coalition responsible for most civilians killed in Yemen (Reuters)
  • France calls for UN Security Council action over Syrian use of chemical weapons (Reuters)
  • Turkish defense minister: Though unsolicited, U.S. air support for operation is useful (Reuters)
  • Shots fired from Gaza at IDF soldiers who stopped Palestinian boat out of permitted area (Haaretz)
  • Senior Turkish official: Over 20 tanks in Syria, more to be sent as needed (Reuters)
  • Attack on American University in Kabul results in 12 deaths, scores wounded (AP)
  • Death toll in Italy rises to 247, say regional officials (Reuters)
  • Colombia to hold October 2 plebiscite on peace deal with FARC (AP)

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