• Turkey delivers aid across border as Syrian forces step up Aleppo assault (Reuters)
  • Algerian lawmakers pass reforms boosting parliament powers (Reuters)
  • Several dual citizens in Iran face espionage charges, official says (Reuters)
  • Germany says North Korea rocket launch an 'irresponsible provocation' (Reuters)
  • Spanish police arrest six on suspicion of links to ISIS, Nusra Front (AP)
  • Assailant behind Ashkelon stabbing attack succumbs to wounds (Haaretz)
  • Three killed after unidentified aircraft bombs Libya's Derna (Reuters)
  • UAE says ready to send ground troops to Syria as part of anti-ISIS coalition (Reuters)
  • Netanyhau: MKs who visit families of terrorists should not serve in Knesset (Haaretz)
  • South Korea says retrieves suspected fairing from North Korean rocket (Reuters)
  • Court accepts Haneen Zoabi plea bargain, adds suspended six-month prison sentence (Haaretz)
  • U.K.: North Korea rocket launch clear violation of UN Security Council resolutions (Reuters)
  • Turkey: Reaching limits but will keep taking in refugees (AP)
  • Russia says North Korea rocket launch cannot but provoke 'decisive protest' (Reuters)
  • Assailant behind Ashkelon stabbing attack seriously wounded after being shot (Haaretz)

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