• Eastern side of Mosul recaptured from ISIS, Iraqi security chief says (Reuters)
  • Third quake felt in central Italy, including in capital of Rome (Reuters)
  • Rome metro evacuated following second earthquake measuring 5.7 (Reuters)
  • Russia extends residence permit for Edward Snowden (AP)
  • Joe Biden: Further attempts by Russia to meddle in European elections to be expected (Reuters)
  • Assad regime rejects participation of Qatar, Saudis in Syria talks, report says (Reuters)
  • Earthquake felt in Italian capital of Rome (Reuters)
  • Former U.S. president George Bush Sr. hospitalized in Houston, local media reports (Reuters)
  • Death toll in clashes in Bedouin village rises to two (Haaretz)
  • Turkey issues arrest warrants for 243 military members in post-coup probe (Reuters)
  • One killed in violent clashes ahead of home demolitions in Bedouin village (Haaretz)
  • Violent clashes erupt in Bedouin village ahead of home demolitions (Haaretz)
  • Chinese president says world needs China, U.S. to have stable relationship (Reuters)
  • Trump UN ambassador nominee Nikki Haley to blast UN over Israel at confirmation hearing (Reuters)
  • Obama commutes sentence of Chelsea Manning (Reuters)


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