• Professor Marcus Klingberg, scientist and Soviet spy, has died (Haaretz)
  • Assad: There are terrorists among Syrian refugees in Europe (Reuters)
  • Putin calls Turkey's downing of a Russian jet 'huge mistake' (Reuters)
  • India, France launch solar energy alliance at climate summit (DPA)
  • Fatima Mernissi, renowned Moroccan scholar of women in Islam, dies (DPA)
  • Nepal unrest leaves millions of children facing food, medicine shortages (Reuters)
  • Netanyahu says 'coordination, de-confliction mechanism' with Russia 'successful' (Haaretz)
  • Before meeting with Netanyahu, Putin praises 'cooperation mechanisms' with Israel (Haaretz)
  • Two French men stopped on way to join ISIS in Libya (Reuters)
  • Knesset quashes silencing clause of broadcasting bill in third read (Haaretz)
  • Netanyahu meets Russia's Putin in Paris to discuss Syria (Haaretz)
  • King tells Sephardic Jews Spain has missed them (AP)
  • Norway sees sharp drop in asylum seekers due Swedish border control (Reuters)
  • Hours after EU deal, Turkey rounds up 1,300 migrants bound for Greece (Reuters)
  • Germany mulls sending up to 1,200 troops on Syria mission (AP)
New York City, Dec. 13

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