• Trump Hollywood star smasher arrested (DPA)
  • Putin says Russia has no option but to clear Aleppo of militants (Reuters)
  • Libya's navy says 90 migrants perished after boat fell apart (AP)
  • Russia's Putin dismisses idea that Moscow is trying to influence U.S. elections (Reuters)
  • France says Syria or Russia responsible for strike on school in Syria's Idlib (Reuters)
  • East Jerusalem resident arrest for allegedly planning a terrorist attack (Haaretz)
  • Israeli cabinet secretly approves Palestinian construction in West Bank 'Area C' (Haaretz)
  • UN training Iraqi medics for eventuality of chemical attacks in Mosul (AP)
  • Turkey says asked U.S. not to allow Kurdish militia into Syria's Raqqa (Reuters)
  • Israeli opposition slams bill to grant state new powers as harmful to democracy (Haaretz)
  • Russia to destroy all of its chemical weapons by end of 2017 (AP)
  • 18 wounded as bus crashes into truck in Tel Aviv (Haaretz)
  • Russia: Warships sent to Mediterranean will not take part in Aleppo military operations (Reuters)
  • Russia: NATO has no reason to worry about battle group sent to the Mediterranean (Reuters)
  • Turkey orders dozens of pilots detained in coup investigation (Reuters)


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